6 Helpful Boat Storage Ideas & Easy Organization Hacks

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large ikea bins in window storage area

In any tiny living space, storage is one of the biggest challenges. It is even more unique on a boat due to the increased chance of mold and odd storage spaces.

What to keep in mind when storing things:

  • How often you’ll need to access items
  • Keeping items free of dirt, mold, and mildew
  • Ease of storage so items will be more likely to get put away

Here are a few items, organization tips, and boat storage ideas that make living on the water more manageable.

1. Creating Easy Access Storage

A recurring challenge with storage on a boat is keeping items within easy access. Sure, there’s a ton of storage under the bed or down in a crash locker. But what about the things we use every day? How do we get to the things we need daily and still keep the boat from looking cluttered.


I saw these storage bins on The Wynns YouTube channel and knew I had to hunt them down.

small Ikea storage bins in galley boat window area

The white color and minimalist look blend seamlessly into the fiberglass on our bridgedeck. This creates more storage without the space feeling cluttered.

The lids keep out dirt and go on and off smoothly for hassle-free access. And they’re stackable!

Visit the IKEA media storage section here to see the many sizes available in these containers.

High-sided storage containers also keep the boat feeling less cluttered.

small storage bin over wardrobe in sailboat

These Scout brand bins are water-resistant for easy cleaning. They also have handles to grab them from a shelf when you need to look for something.

ALTERNATIVE: The Scout brand is a bit pricey. For a more affordable option, try these foldable fabric bins from Walmart or Target. Just make sure to spray them with mold preventive every couple of months.

Recessed Storage Area

Anywhere you can secure items in a recessed wall or window area is an opportunity for storage.

storage items in recessed area of window in boat galley

Our boat has an aftermarket addition (it’s really just a piece of wood) to secure items in the galley’s window. It adds storage for plastic bags, unpaper towels, cleaning supplies, and a spot for regrowing green onions.

2. How to Utilize Clothing Storage

Keeping clothes free of mold and mildew is always a concern for boaters. The more layers you can put between your clothes and the boat, the better off you’ll be.

Clothing in a Wardrobe

To add two lines of defense to wardrobe clothing storage, use hanging storage shelves. Then use baskets to add another layer of protection and to keep clothes organized.

clothing storage baskets hanging in wardrobe

The baskets pull out so you can see what you have without creating a mess.

We use these hanging shelves in our wardrobes.

NOTE: Boats will often have wardrobes with a vertical bar. We punched holes in the top of the hanging shelves and rotated the hanger to hang vertically. Remember to measure the width and depth of your wardrobes to find the right size hanging shelves.

Clothing Cabinet Storage

Shallow storage containers work well in cabinets for larger clothing. Clothing drawer organizers are ideal for underwear, socks, small t-shirts or tanks, and even bathing suits.

bathing suits folded and stored in tee storage bin

Containing your items neatly in a storage container is the best way to avoid the area becoming a mess.

Mold & Mildew Control

We use a variety of moisture control for our clothing wardrobes.

  • DampRid hanging bags in the closet (be careful where and how you hang these so they don’t move around too much and get a hole underway
  • Use DampRid refillable cups in cabinets where you can sandwich them between storage bins (may only be a good option for catamarans since the collected water can spill)
  • Charcoal bags provide odor and moisture control (recharge in the sun once a month)
  • Eva-Dry mini dehumidifiers are great for shelves (these have to be plugged into an outlet to “dry-out”)
  • If you’ll using hanging shelves or fabric drawer organizers, spray with mold spray once every 3-4 months

3. Boat Galley Storage Solutions

The galley is one of the most crucial areas to have adequate storage. If you want to enjoy cooking on your boat, easily getting to your cooking tools and ingredients is essential.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for storage in the galley.

Storing Ingredients in Baskets

These baskets have been a constant on the boat and during our RV days. They allow you to easily pull them out of a tight space to see the contents. You’ll find things in your fridge and tiny cabinets with little effort.

storage baskets with handles filled with spices and condiments sitting on shelf in boat galley cabinet

Being able to maximize space while still seeing what you have is vital in a small boat galley.

These also made our Sailboat Galley Essentials list.

Storing Small Amounts in Easy Reach

One of our favorite tricks is having a small container of dry goods within easy reach.

We use 6 oz. containers for things like cornstarch, baking soda, and baking powder. We use a larger air-tight container for things like flour. We store the bigger box securely under our settee and then refill it when needed.

storage basket with cooking seasonings

This method keeps bulk storage fresher and makes baking muffins or making pizza dough much more effortless. Not having to go for a deep dive to retrieve the larger store-bought package of all the dry goods saves time and effort.

Hanging Galley Tools

Using Command strips to hang things in easy reach is a favorite storage idea for small space living. One of my favorite ways to utilize command strips is inside cabinets. Hanging kitchen tools such as spatulas, cutting boards, oven mitts, and the cheese grater makes accessing tools for cooking on a boat much more effortless.

hanging storage in boat galley cabinet

Placing a Command hook in a convenient location to hang your cleaning rag is an excellent way to give it a home where it can dry.

Command’s line of hooks is full of variety. See all sizes and colors here.

4. Ideal Long-Term Storage

Storing things more long-term on a boat requires a different approach than items you use every day. Here are a couple of ways we store seasonal or rarely used items.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum bags are a favorite long-term storage option among cruisers. Even if you don’t deflate the bags, they protect items from water and mold. Use them in the bottom of cabinets, under berths, and any storage area that isn’t opened often. When in doubt – bag it! 

two vacuum storage bags containing clothes

The jumbo bags are perfect for storing luggage bags and backpacks. We even use them to protect the cats’ soft carriers and scratching boards. For extra clothes and bedding, you can remove the air and store the bags under a berth inside a Rubbermaid tub. The tub makes it easier to stack the bags and keeps them from sliding around.

This SpaceSaver set has a nice variety to get started.

NOTE: Using vacuum sealed bags can be a little tricky without a standard vacuum cleaner. I use our handheld Dyson with the attachment removed to suck out the majority of the air. Then, finish with the hand pump attachment included with the SpaceSaver bags.

Storage Bins

Small and large – these Scout brand bins are great for storing extra kitchen gear, food, tools, and more.

large storage bins on bed in cabin

They break down flat when they aren’t in use. If you need to get through a small opening or doorway, breaking down is critical. I break our big one down to get in the cabin and then set it back up to store food. 

These bins also have lids or a zip-top for keeping out dirt. They are water-resistant and can easily be wiped clean.

The medium and large ones are even tough enough to double as a seat.

Check out Scout’s website for available sizes and patterns. These also made our list of 10 Essentials for Life on a Sailboat.

5. Taming Outside Locker Storage

Outside locker storage can be tricky. It’s often more exposed to the elements – water, dirt, temperature. Crash lockers and other larger lockers can also be tough to get in and out of. Here are a few tricks we use to keep them organized.

5-Gallon Buckets

Do not underestimate this simple storage item. We love our 5-gallon buckets for lots of reasons, but they also double as storage. In our outside storage, the watertight lids keep the bucket contents dry. 

5-gallon storage buckets on boat deck

Since they have handles, they are also easily moved around and can be fetched with a boat hook in crash lockers.

In our cockpit storage, they make use of horizontal space while keeping everything organized. It’s also easy to remove the buckets when the storage space needs cleaning.

TIP: Keep a list of what’s stored in each bucket. Create different color combinations with the buckets and lids to tell them apart.

You can pick up 5-gallon buckets with lids at Walmart or Home Depot for a very reasonable price.

Straps for Power Cord and Hose Storage

These durable straps with handles make storing hoses and power cords a breeze. They allow you to get a handle on the mess and tangles that occur. 

man holding up power cable with Camco strap

It’s easy to lower them into the front crash lockers and then fish them out with the boat hook when you need them. For us, this opened up more storage in the easy access lockers in the cockpit.

You can view the Camco Storage Straps here.

6. The Best Collapsible Items

When it makes sense, opt for a collapsible item. In the galley, it might be a collapsible colander or measuring cups.

  • A small collapsible is instrumental for many projects. Ideal for when you need a seat to work in an area or reach something a foot higher. When flat, store in a locker. We have one similar to this stool.
  • Collapsible tubs are useful for many projects and daily chores. Instrumental in conserving water for washing dishes, washing clothing, or kitchen towels. The tub we have is the right size for most tasks and fits in the sink. We have one for dirtier jobs and one for laundry. See the tub we have here.
collapsible stool and bin on the floor of the galley

Best Way to Store Items on Your Boat

Every boat is a little different. Certain things that work great on one boat might not work well on others. So get creative with your storage options!

Your most effective method to fight storage woes is to be selective about the items you bring on the boat. Revisit all storage spaces seasonally and get rid of things you aren’t using or that aren’t serving a purpose.

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