15 Best Sailing YouTube Channels and Popular Sailing Vlogs

Are you dreaming of setting sail around the world? Does it feel far-fetched – like you’ll never see it become a reality?

Have no fear! On this list of YouTube sailing channels, you’ll find a lot of folks who started out dreaming of this crazy lifestyle too.

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From the big challenges of moving aboard to sailing to exotic locations, we’re rounding up the best sailing YouTube channels offering firsthand insight into this adventurous lifestyle.

Sailing can be a great way to live minimally while traveling the world, and these top sailing channels will show you what it’s really like to live the dream on the water (both the good, the bad, and the boat projects).

So here are the best YouTube sailing channels and vlogs for inspiration to toss conventional living out the window and start planning your life on the open seas.

In no particular order, let’s dive in!

1. Sailing SV Delos

Subscribers: 833K+

On YouTube Since: May 17, 2007

The oldest channel on this list, the captain and crew of SV Delos are considered the OGs of sailing YouTube videos.

Brian Trautman, the owner and captain of SV Delos, purchased his 2000 Amel Super Maramu 53 in 2009. Shortly after leaving his job as a software engineer in Seattle, Brian began his liveaboard adventure bringing his brother Brady along for the ride. 

While sailing in New Zealand, they welcomed additional crew members, including Brian’s now-wife Karin (or Kazza), who was backpacking through the country at the time.

Delos has seen a revolving door of guest crew members over the years, some of whom have become long-term fixtures. The crew’s Indian Ocean crossing in 2016 and 2017 holds a special place in the hearts of Delos enthusiasts.

Since those early days, Brian and Karin have tied the knot and welcomed their daughter, Sierra, who now completes their trio as they sail back across the Pacific in 2023.

HIGHLIGHTS: Having initiated their filming endeavor in 2009, SV Delos has chronicled an incredible journey spanning over 70,000 nautical miles and amassing an astonishing 220 million video views. In 2022, Brian accomplished a remarkable 13-year circumnavigation aboard Delos.

Sailing SV Delos is more than just a YouTube channel. Through their cinematic storytelling, the crew of SV Delos has inspired countless people worldwide, igniting the flame of wanderlust and encouraging them to embrace the vastness of the open sea and the beauty of the world beyond the horizon.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: Delos has inspired so many sailors and non-sailors alike. If there’s one sailing YouTube channel you choose to binge-watch – make it this one.

2. Sailing La Vagabonde

Subscribers: 1.85M+

On YouTube Since: Oct. 25, 2014

Sailing La Vagabonde, the top sailing channel on YouTube, is made up of the Australian couple Riley and Elyna and their two boys, who they’re raising onboard. 

Elyna met Riley in Greece shortly after he bought his first monohull sailboat, and they have been sailing all over the world and documenting their adventures on La Vagabonde ever since.

These sailors’ charisma and easygoing nature make them enjoyable to watch, and their videos are often funny and informative. 

This crew is quite famous in the sailing community, and they’ve even given Greta Thunberg a lift across the Atlantic Ocean.

The La Vagabonde crew has sailed all over the world – first on their Beneteau Cyclades sailboat, then on a new Outremer catamaran.

HIGHLIGHTS: Most recently, this crew has been awaiting the build of their new Rapido Trimaran 60.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about liveaboard sailing or simply looking for some delightful entertainment, Sailing La Vagabonde is definitely worth a watch.

Other Endeavors

  • Elyna and Riley recently launched Vagabonde Adventures, a sailing instruction charter company where you can learn to sail and even get ASA certified on a performance catamaran.
  • Elyna also has her own sustainable swimwear line, Vaga Bella Swim, where most of the proceeds go to charity.
THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: This couple tackles everything head-on. If you want to see what it’s like to sail in 60-knot winds in the Atlantic, swim with tiger sharks, or raise two kids onboard – this channel is for you!

3. Gone with the Wynns

Subscribers: 544K+

On YouTube Since: Sep. 25, 2010

Jason and Nikki Wynn are an American couple from Texas with an insatiable thirst for adventure. 

They started their journey trekking across the US in an RV. After over five years of exploring North America, they traded their wheels for keels without any prior sailing experience

They purchased a Leopard 43 sailing catamaran in Florida in 2016 and sailed it for approximately a year around the Bahamas while they got their sealegs.

Then they made plans to transit the Panama Canal and cross the Pacific Ocean to head toward Australia.

Through their captivating vlogs, Jason and Nikki share the magic of their experiences, both exploring new cultures and new island adventures above and below the water.

HIGHLIGHTS: In June of 2022, the Wynns started the process of purchasing their new HH Catamaran, featuring an electric/diesel hybrid system.

After selling their Leopard cat in New Zealand, these crazy adventurers couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore Asia by land while awaiting the splash day of their new sailing vessel!

Gone with the Wynns is a YouTube channel that is definitely binge-worthy if you are interested in living aboard with minimal sailing experience.

As seasoned travelers, the Wynns offer valuable insights into the practical aspects of both RV and sailboat living, and we’re here to soak up their knowledge and enjoy the ride on land and water!

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want to liveaboard with no sailing experience (it can be done)! If you’re seeking to transition from RV life to boat life, you’ll find the past videos of the Wynns channel inspirational and informative.

4. Tula’s Endless Summer

Subscribers: 212K+

On YouTube Since: Nov. 15, 2011

Sierra and Billy of Tula’s Endless Summer are two wandering souls who have traveled around on everything from a 1988 catamaran to a 4X4 truck camper.

Accompanied by their adorable pup Jetty, Sierra and Billy embark on liveaboard boating adventures where they can be frequently spotted catching their own dinner (lobsters, fish, clams, etc.) or entertaining themselves with various water activities.

These sailors are not scared of project boats and are always up for a new challenging adventure.

HIGHLIGHTS: They spent 2021 and 2022 rebuilding a trawler they bought for $100 to cruise the pacific northwest while awaiting the delivery of their new catamaran.

In the summer of 2023, they finally received their new cruising catamaran, a Seawind 1170, and are jumping back into documenting their sailing adventure onboard as they head toward the Carribean.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: Aside from the incredible liveaboard inspiration, this is a great channel if you’re looking for sailing tips, boat work hacks, or want to see how to cruise full-time with your dog.

5. Sailing Uma

Subscribers: 419K+

On YouTube Since: Feb. 4, 2015

Sailing Uma is an empowering YouTube channel that follows the journey of Dan and Kika, a young couple who set sail on their 36-foot, all-electric sailboat, Uma. 

Dan and Kika have embraced a minimalist and sustainable sailing lifestyle and inspired viewers looking to break free from conventional norms with their motto, “don’t buy a couch.”

These two architect grads rebuilt a 1972 Pearson 36 that was destined for the junkyard. They opted for a boat they could rebuild from the ground up to allow them to keep it simple and know every inch of their sailboat inside and out.

The heart of Sailing Uma lies in its emphasis on simplicity, resourcefulness, and eco-conscious living.

Through informative content, Dan and Kika share their experiences of living on a small sailboat, showcasing creative solutions for sustainable living and alternative energy sources.

HIGHLIGHTS: They’ve sailed over 28,000 nautical miles with only an electric motor which means they’ve used ZERO diesel fuel on their journey.

Dan and Kika have sailed Uma all over the Caribbean and the Artic. With a spirit of perseverance and optimism, these capable sailors embrace every obstacle and every boat project as an opportunity for growth and learning.

What truly sets Sailing Uma apart is the sense of empowerment it instills in its viewers. The channel encourages you to embrace a unique path and reminds us that extraordinary journeys are possible with determination and willingness to step beyond our comfort zones.

THE CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want to learn more about sailing sustainability, DIY boat maintenance, or explore some pretty amazing places vicariously through this couple’s adventure.

6. MJ Sailing

Subscribers: 174K+

On YouTube Since: Dec. 6, 2009

MJ Sailing is a YouTube sailing channel run by a young couple, Matt and Jessica, who grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and embarked on a life-changing journey that led them to become seasoned sailors.

Their story began in 2012 when they decided to leave the comforts of land behind and set sail on a small sailboat to travel to the Bahamas and beyond.

Having grown up with a love for water and a deep connection to Lake Michigan, Matt and Jessica’s passion for bluewater sailing was a natural progression.

Over the years, MJ Sailing has taken viewers on a remarkable adventure spanning 35,000 nautical miles.

From the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the rugged beauty of the Azores, they’ve navigated through diverse cultures and two Atlantic crossings, all while capturing the essence of life at sea in their videos.

HIGHLIGHTS: In 2020, Matt and Jessica embarked on a new and ambitious endeavor: building a custom 42-foot sailing catamaran.

The process of designing and constructing their dream boat has become a central focus of their channel, offering viewers a firsthand look into the challenges and detailed planning of building a boat with your own two hands.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want to understand the ins and outs of boat building and maybe even build your own custom boat someday.

7. Sailing Zatara

Subscribers: 560K+

On YouTube Since: Jun. 14, 2016

Sailing Zatara is a popular YouTube channel created by an American sailing family from Texas. 

In 2016, Keith and Renee Whitaker decided their family needed a break from corporate America. So they traded their conventional life for a sailboat! 

Joined by their four adventurous children, Anna, Jack, Finn, and Kate – the channel offers a unique glimpse (often with a lot of added humor) into the excitement and challenges of raising a family onboard.

After putting 12,500 nautical miles under their monohull’s keel, this family decided they needed a bit more space, so they upgraded to a 58-foot Privilege catamaran.

HIGHLIGHTS: In April 2023, they completed their seven-year circumnavigation logging over 50,000 nautical miles and visiting 48 countries.

The channel’s vlogs are a delightful mix of travel and sightseeing off the boat, sailing passages, and everyday life – including homeschooling and boat maintenance projects. 

Most recently, the Zatara crew has hosted two groups of young adults for a month on their sailboat selected by an application process.

The Whitaker family’s authenticity and love for the lifestyle shine through in their vlogs, inviting viewers to be part of their extended sailing family. Their channel inspires others to explore the world with their loved ones and embrace a life of adventure.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You dream of taking your family on a cruising adventure, or you want to see how a larger crew (family) handles the ins and outs of sailing around the world on a BIG catamaran.

8. Sailing Millennial Falon

Subscribers: 90K+

On YouTube Since: Jan. 24, 2018

The Sailing Millennial Falcon crew, Khiara and Adam, are from Melbourne, Australia. (Khiara is actually from the UK, but she lived in Austraila for about a decade before they moved aboard.)

Adam wasn’t a stranger to sailing before moving aboard, having raced sailboats with his dad in Perth in his teenage and college years, but Khiara had never sailed before hatching their plan to liveaboard. Turns out she was keen to learn!

Their sailboat Millennial Falcon is a 1981 Tayana 42, which they bought in Florida in 2018.

HIGHLIGHTS: They’ve since visited 26 countries and sailed over 21,000 nautical miles, including the Bahamas and Caribean, as well as the Azores and Europe. They most recently completed a 26-day and 3600 nautical mile sail to Iceland.

This crew tends to keep it real in their videos. You won’t find drama or any unnecessary gimmicks, just great sailing content.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want to learn more about living aboard a sailboat using resourceful problem-solving methods and a budget-conscious mindset.

9. Sailing Ruby Rose

Subscribers: 157K+

On YouTube Since: Mar. 15, 2015

Sailing Ruby Rose follows the sailing couple, Nick and Terysa, as they sail all over the world aboard their sailboat, Ruby Rose and now Ruby Rose 2.

They’ve sailed everywhere from the Caribbean to the Canary Islands and have done quite a bit of chartering in Australia (Terysa’s home country). 

Nick and Teresa sailed a Southerly 38 monohull for seven years before announcing in 2019 they would upgrade to a sailing catamaran. 

HIGHLIGHTS: These meticulous content creators are known for their catamaran video review series, complete with a rating system, which they created to document the process of choosing their future sailboat.

The Ruby Rose crew recently moved aboard their new catamaran after three years in the build process.

Through a collaboration with Seawind, they tweaked the new 1370 model catamaran and have created the perfect liveaboard performance sailing catamaran for cruising.

Their channel covered the process in detail from start to finish, including the decision-making behind the design choices, changes, and upgrades.

We can’t wait to see all the places Ruby Rose 2 takes this sailing couple!

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want to learn more about buying a performance catamaran (particularly a Seawind). These guys also do a great job explaining how they balance performance with livability when choosing a sailboat.

10. Sailing Project Atticus

Subscribers: 253K+

On YouTube Since: Jan 9, 2014

On the YouTube channel Sailing Project Atticus, Desiree and Jordan share the highs and lows of their sailing lifestyle, capturing the beauty of the places they visit and the challenges of life at sea.

Their mission statement, “know your world,” encapsulates their deep-seated reasons for both traveling and sharing their remarkable experiences.

This young couple found each other while working on super yachts in 2012, and it didn’t take long for them to hatch a plan to save up and sail the world.

They purchased their first sailboat, Atticus, for a mere $5,000 in Florida. It was a 1963 Allied Seawind 30 and needed a lot of work.

Fueled by passion and determination, Desiree and Jordan spent three years meticulously refitting the boat, turning it into a floating home that would carry them on unforgettable adventures.

As they continued their sailing escapades, the couple found innovative ways to sustain their passion financially. Their newfound skills in boat maintenance and willingness to take on odd jobs along the way provided the means to fund their dream of circumnavigation.

HIGHLIGHTS: Recently, Sailing Project Atticus reached a significant milestone with an upgrade to their dream sailboat, Atticus II, a 1997 Pacific Seacraft 40. This new vessel provides room for the arrival of a new crew member—a beautiful addition to their journey! 

As they sail with their baby aboard, the channel’s narrative has evolved, showcasing the joys and intricacies of raising a child while sailing the high seas.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want to learn more about cruising on a minimal budget AND sailing with a baby onboard.

11. Sailing Yacht Florence

Subscribers: 120K+

On YouTube Since: Oct. 21, 2012

Matt and Amy on S/V Florence seized the opportunity to sail around the world when Matt received word his company’s office was closing in 2015.

Instead of waiting a decade or more to start their dream, this British couple decided to take the leap and begin their cruising adventure in just ten months!

Since then, they’ve sailed their tiny home, an Oyster Heritage 37, to the Cape Verde Islands, French Polynesia, Seychelles, and everywhere in between.

HIGHLIGHTS: In 2023, they completed a seven-year circumnavigation when they crossed the North Atlantic and currently show no signs of settling down as they plan a large refit for their boat before heading to the Arctic.

These sailors prove you can sail the world on a small, capable bluewater boat on a modest budget.

Sailing Yacht Florence showcases their sailing journey with thoughtful storytelling and beautiful cinematography that keeps their loyal YouTube viewers coming back for more.

THIS SAILING CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You’re tired of waiting for the perfect opportunity to live your dream and need the inspiration take the leap and make it happen.

12. White Spot Pirates

Subscribers: 93K+

On YouTube Since: Jun. 28, 2013

The only solo sailor on this list, German native Nike Steiger, bought her 33-foot fixer-upper aluminum sailboat in Panama and restored it into a formidable bluewater sailing vessel.

White Spot Pirates captures Nike’s voyages and the myriad experiences of life on the water as a lone sailor. 

With a mere 2,000 nautical miles in her sailing experience upon acquiring her boat, this channel beautifully illustrates how determination and a thirst for learning can pave the way for remarkable achievements on the water.

HIGHLIGHTS: Accompanied by her faithful companion Boga, Nike has navigated the Caribbean, the South American coastline, Central America, and Mexico, transforming into a full-blown salty-sailing lady! 

Her videos provide a vital lens into the hurdles and victories of a lone sailor’s journey. 

Other Endeavors

  • Nike is the creator of an award-winning documentary about her life-changing solo sailing journey called Untie the Lines
  • She also co-founded the non-profit organization In Mocean to raise awareness of ocean plastic pollution, specifically in remote coastal communities.
THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You aspire to embark on a solo sailing journey or enjoy immersing yourself in thrilling adventures on the water. This sailing channel is an incredible inspiration!

13. Sailing Nahoa

Subscribers: 376K+

On YouTube Since: Jun. 13, 2012

Sailing Nahoa is a YouTube channel created by Canadians Ben and Ashley Stobbart who saved up and sold everything to travel the world in 2015.

Since then, they’ve added two little crew members, their kids Willa and Bodhi, and have completed a circumnavigation.

This sailing family has cruised all over the world on a 2005 Lagoon 410 catamaran.

From crossing the South Pacific and Indonesia to exploring Madagascar and, most recently, rounding the Cape of Good Hope, they’ve had some fantastic (and wild) experiences along the way.

Whether catching a giant tuna off their stern or fighting off pirates during the night, this crew doesn’t shy away from sharing the exciting and scary moments of living aboard. 

HIGHLIGHTS: The Nahoa crew recently partnered with New Zealand designer de Villiers Design to build a custom aluminum catamaran perfect for high-latitude sailing.

This couple’s new endeavor to build a custom catamaran exemplifies their unyielding quest for new horizons, less boat maintenance, and high-latitude sailing possibilities.

Sailing Nahoa is a captivating testament to the power of wanderlust and the uncharted oceans that beckon us all.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want to circumnavigate on a production catamaran (these guys are proof it can be done), or you’re curious to see what it’s like cruising full-time with two small kids.

14. Sailing Doodles

Subscribers: 594K+

On YouTube Since: Oct. 4, 2016

Sailing Doodles is a YouTube channel and brand created by Texas native Bobby White. 

Previously a private pilot, Bobby got a wake-up call when he suffered a stroke and could no longer perform his job. Determined to make the most of his circumstances, he chose to seize the moment and embrace a new chapter by purchasing a sailboat.

Sailing Doodles has had a constant rotation of guest crew over the years. And Bobby has become somewhat famous in the YouTube and sailing world for surrounding himself with beautiful women on board.

HIGHLIGHTS: Bobby has owned and sailed many boats over the years, including a motor yacht that he cleverly named “The Dark Side.” This channel features primarily coastal cruising in exotic locations such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean. 

The channel is named for Bobby’s two Labradoodles, Maverick and Goose. Unfortunately, he lost these loyal sailing companions in 2020 and 2022, respectively. (I still hope Bobby decides to add a furry sailing crew back on this channel someday.)

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You want a side of entertainment while watching sailing on YouTube. Don’t expect too many boat project tutorials on this channel!

15. Sailing Magic Carpet

Subscribers: 151K+

On YouTube Since: May 13, 2018

Last but certainly not least on this list, Sailing Magic Carpet is a captivating YouTube channel that invites viewers to join the journey of Maya and Aladino, a couple with a shared passion for sailing and the open sea.

This sailing couple’s motto is “around the world as slowly as possible,” and honestly, we’re here for it! 

The channel beautifully captures their journey as they navigate the world’s oceans aboard their Swedish sailboat, Magic Carpet, a 1976 Vindo 32.

Maya and Aladino’s authentic chemistry and deep affection for the sailing lifestyle radiate in every episode.

Tuning into the Sailing Magic Carpet channel feels like a nostalgic journey to the roots of sailing’s romantic allure and the tranquil beauty of life on the water.

Professionally certified as a boatbuilder, Aladino’s passion extends beyond his craft, encompassing a deep love for freediving and spearfishing, a realm where his heart truly belongs in the embrace of the sea.

Maya, the channel’s artistic soul and storyteller, is also known to grace nearby rocky shores with the melodies of her violin.

HIGHLIGHTS: The crew is currently working on a huge refit for Magic Carpet II, a Cape George 36, who is well on her way to being a worthy bluewater sailing vessel to take Maya and Aladino around the world.

The channel’s content is a compelling blend of stunning visuals and audio, personal reflections, and practical sailing tips, creating a tapestry of emotions that resonate with viewers from all walks of life.

THIS CHANNEL IS FOR YOU IF: You’re in need of true sailing inspiration! Whether an avid sailor or an armchair traveler, this channel’s inspiring narrative will stir the soul and ignite a desire to chase the winds of adventure.

Even More Sailing YouTube Channels

If you’re thirsty for even more sailing adventures, here are a few other channels to check out.

  1. Sailing Catalpa
  2. The O’Kelly’s
  3. RAN Sailing
  4. Sailing Nandji
  5. Old Sea Dog Sailing
  6. Sailing Soulianis
  7. Sail Life
  8. Sailing Zephyr
  9. Sailing Fair Isle

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