Are you ready to live lighter so you can travel more?

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Living with Less

Downsizing and living with fewer things is one of the biggest obstacles to living a minimalist lifestyle. It was also one of the biggest rewards when we started living small and traveling with our home.

When you downsize your stuff, it opens up a world of freedom and flexibility that allows you to enjoy many experiences you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

What You’ll Find in this Downsizing Guide

  • How to get organized to downsize – tools to use and how to get in the right mindset
  • How to decide what items to keep, store, get rid of, or sell
  • Benefits of downsizing and minimalism
  • How to handle the stress and other emotions that come with decluttering your things
  • How to maintain a minimalistic lifestyle once you’ve achieved it

Decluttering Your Stuff

Get started with our ten-step guide to decluttering and downsizing your stuff. This guide will cover decluttering everything from sentimental items to paper. Start decluttering now!

Downsize Your Wardrobe

Get started with our five steps to clearing out your closet and creating a minimalist wardrobe you love. You’ll save time and money, plus eliminate less stress related to your closet.

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