Lagoon sailboat at anchor

What to Expect as a Liveaboard Cruiser

How to Cruise Full-Time

From buying a boat to the cost of cruising, you’ll find everything in this guide to get started living and cruising on a boat.

Setting your sights on cruising full-time on a boat often leads to daydreams of sundowners while anchored in the most beautiful locations. But to reap these rewards, there are obstacles to overcome and skills to master.

A lot of research and planning will go into your dream to cruise full-time. You’ll need to tackle a long list – some things for the first time.

  • Downsizing your stuff and possibly selling your home
  • Saving money for the cruising kitty
  • Learning about navigation and weather
  • Understanding mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other systems
  • Learning everything you can about everyday life on a boat

We’ll share answers to tackling the above areas and other unexpected realities of living aboard and transitioning from land to a cruising lifestyle.

Get Ready for a Cruising Lifestyle

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