11 Best Sailing Instagram Accounts to Inspire You to Sail Away

If you’re looking for a bit of sailing inspiration, look no further than Instagram. The app is packed with amazing photos and videos of people sailing in all corners of the world.

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These Instagram accounts are our favorites because they share:

  • the good and the bad of the sailing lifestyle
  • tips for boat projects and maintenance
  • the culture and people they meet in the destinations they visit
  • and, of course, some amazing sailing photos!

Here are the best sailing Instagram accounts to follow to get your fix of beautiful boats, stunning seascapes, and inspiring journeys living aboard.

1. Sailing La Vagabonde | @elayna.carausu

THE CREW: Riley, Elayna, Lenny, and Darwin

THE BOAT: La Vagabonde, 2017 Outremer 45 catamaran, currently awaiting delivery of their Rapido 60 Trimaran


Elayna and Riley sail onboard their catamaran SV La Vagabonde with their two boys, Lenny and Darwin. They have been documenting their travels since 2014 when they first met while Riley was sailing onboard a monohull. Years later, they continue to share their unique journey as they sail around the world with their growing family.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Elayna and Riley became famous in the cruising community with their YouTube channel, which currently has over 1.7 million subscribers. However, we love the little nuggets of the cruising lifestyle Elayna shares on the ‘Gram, not to mention their dreamy photography for a daily dose of sailing inspiration.

2. SV Delos | @svdelos

THE CREW: Brian, Karin, and Sierra

THE BOAT: Delos, 2000 53ft Amel Super Maramu


The Delos crew could be considered the OG of sailing influencers. They have been sailing the world for over 12 years, over 100,000 nautical miles, and have documented everything on their journey.

Captain Brian originally sailed across the Pacific with his brother, where he met Karin, his future wife. She joined the crew and never left. Brian and Karin now sail the world with their daughter Sierra and other crew members who join along the way!

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: These guys have incredible knowledge of blue water sailing and living on board, and they share it all on their Instagram account. You may see them battling a watermaker repair one day and racing a performance catamaran the next! They also participate in exciting projects, including producing a series on offshore sailing in the Arctic (80 North: Sailing on Top of the World) and a campaign to fund onboard mobile recycling machines for use in remote coastal areas.

3. Gone with the Wynns | @the_wynns

THE CREW: Nikki and Jason

THE BOAT: Previously Curiosity, a 2005 43ft Leopard catamaran, currently awaiting the build and delivery of Curiosity2, HH44 catamaran


Nikki and Jason Wynn are a Texas couple who started traveling the U.S. full-time in their RV in 2011. After tackling the country on wheels, they took a leap to travel the world by sailboat.

In April 2016, they bought a Leopard catamaran without any sailing experience. They have traveled the world ever since, sailing from Florida to the South Pacific. They most recently sold their Leopard sailboat and have been awaiting the build of their HH44 cat.

WHY YOUR SHOULD FOLLOW: These guys weren’t afraid to dive straight into living the sailing lifestyle and are a real inspiration to anyone who dreams of living on a boat. They provide good insight into the lifestyle (sharing both the ups and downs) and also share some stunning photographs and videos of their journey.

4. MJ Sailing | @mattandjessicasailing

THE CREW: Matt, Jessica, and their cat Georgie

THE BOAT: Previously Elements of Life, custom aluminum 1983 37ft Trisalu, currently building a custom 42ft catamaran


This Michigan couple took their long-time love of the water and transitioned it into the ultimate adventure in 2012. Since then, they’ve been cruising full-time, covering over 35,000 nautical miles, crossing the Atlantic twice, and have even sailed to the Arctic.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Their Instagram page is currently full of images from their DIY journey of building a custom catamaran from scratch. If you want to build a boat from the ground up, this is an excellent account to start following!

5. Tula’s Endless Summer | @tulasendlesssummer_sierra

THE CREW: Sierra, Billy, and their dog Jetty

THE BOAT: Previously Adrenaline, 1988 41′ Crowther Spindrift catamaran, currently LaurieSue, 1260 Seawind catamaran


Sierra and Billy are an incredibly inspiring sailing couple who have lived aboard a trawler, catamaran, and traveled full-time in a truck camper – all with their pup Jetty. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, either. They just refitted and sold a trawler that needed some major TLC while they awaited their Seawind catamaran delivery.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Sierra and Billy usually explore a cool new spot or find the best way to get off-grid (by land and sea). We also like seeing how they include their dog in all their travel plans. These guys have such adventurous spirits – you’ll love following their journey!

6. Sailing UMA | @sailinguma

THE CREW: Dan and Kika

THE BOAT: UMA, 1972 36ft Pearson


Dan and Kika are a couple sailing around the world on the electric-powered monohull they built themselves. Talk about inspiring!

After circumnavigating the Caribbean and crossing the Atlantic, the UMA crew now has over 25,000 nautical miles under their belt and has most recently sailed across the Arctic Circle.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Dan and Kika created a large following with their sailing YouTube videos but have an Instagram grid full of some of the best sailing photos! Through gorgeous photography and beautifully curated short videos, they share travel inspiration and insights into living off the grid on the water. They are also one of the rare sailing accounts sharing adventures sailing the high latitudes.

7. Sailing Sonder | @sailingsonder

THE CREW: Phil and Roxy

THE BOAT: Sonder, 47ft Cheoy Lee monohull


In 2018, Roxy and Phil left their home in Boulder, Colorado, and moved aboard their 47-foot monohull. They took their business on board, working remotely to run their 3D greeting card company. They crossed the North Atlantic in 2020 and have sailed to some of the most picturesque destinations, including Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and Spain.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Roxy and Phil’s Instagram grid is full of the most delicious sailing inspo! From their gorgeous Choey Lee sailboat to the incredible sunsets and underwater captures – you’ll stop the scroll every time their photos appear in your feed.

8. Taylor’s Travels | @taylorfrancis_

THE CREW: Taylor

THE BOAT: Gypsy Moon, 1994 Catalina Morgan 38


Taylor is a girl with a gypsy soul that you may recognize from her time aboard the vessels of other popular sailing accounts, Sailing Doodles and SV Delos. Taylor has sailed all over, lived in a van, and now sails her own 38-foot sailboat.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: Taylor is a true inspiration to sailors (especially women) who dream of single-handing their own boat. She shares many insights into the hardships of sailing, boat ownership, and nomadic life. But she also shows the rewards of bringing a dream of living on the water to life.

9. Sailing Ruby Rose | @sailingrubyrose

THE CREW: Nick and Terysa

THE BOAT: Previously Ruby Rose, Southerly 38, currently Ruby Rose 2, 1370 Seawind catamaran


Nick and Terysa left their home in London in 2015 to pursue their dream of living and traveling by sailboat. Nick has always loved sailing, but Terysa quickly fell in love with the lifestyle as well, and they have sailed all over the Med, Caribbean, and Australia together.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: These two share their sailing knowledge and passion through their adventures on their Instagram account. In 2019, they began their search for a sailing catamaran and put together very detailed research, documentation, and ratings of 19 catamarans. In 2020, they announced their partnership with Seawind Catamarans to build the perfect cruising catamaran! We love their dedication to this project and how they take their followers along on the journey.

10. When Sailing | @whensailing

THE CREW: Greta and Michael

THE BOAT: ForTuna, 2003 Beneteau Oceanis 393


Greta and Michael are an Italian sailing couple who have been living aboard since April 2019. They started their adventure in Europe, sailing around Italy, Greece, and France (to name a few), and then crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: These guys post a ton of inspiring content for sailors dreaming of living life aboard. From the day-to-day activities on a boat to sailing destination info and sustainability onboard – they share everything with a lot of positivity. Many of their posts are videos, and they do a great job conveying the lifestyle this way!

11. Sailing Catalpa | @sailingcatalpa

THE CREW: Lee, Sara, Taj, and Bella

THE BOAT: Catalpa II, Pearson 530


The crew on Catalpa is a family of four from Australia. They have been cruising full-time since 2015, upgrading from a 44-foot monohull to 53 feet during that time. They have sailed all over Australia and Southeast Asia and, most recently, have been sailing around Mexico.

WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW: This adventurous family shares all about their journey living aboard. They are big promoters of sailing on a boat that might not be perfect, on a budget, with their kids in tow! Their kids make appearances on the account as well, and their youngest daughter is hilarious. If you’re interested in how a young family can live aboard raising their kids, definitely give these guys a follow.

More of the Best Instagram Sailing Accounts to Follow

There you have it – some of sailing’s top Instagram accounts. But there are more great accounts to follow for inspiration if you’re dreaming of living the sailing lifestyle.

Here are a few sailing accounts that don’t have a huge following but have great content and are fun to follow!

Monday Never | @mondaynever

Will, Cat, and Maddie are a young sailing family that recently got back on the water. After Will and Cat discovered their love for living aboard sailing the Caribbean, they took to land for a bit to start a family and buy a bigger boat!

Liveaboard Sailing Podcast | @liveaboardsailingpodcast

This account is a promotion for the Liveaboard Sailing Podcast and is a great place to find in-depth stories and inspiration from others who have embarked on a liveaboard lifestyle. They post soundbites and summaries from their recent interviews on the podcast.

Sailing Honu | @jessicaandryanadventures

Ryan, Jessica, Kira, Kai, and pup Arya are another sailing family aboard a Lagoon 410 catamaran. Check them out for insights into a lifestyle living aboard with kids!

Luna Sea | @sailinglunasea

Mark and Jenn have been sailing the Caribbean since 2016. They are a fun and adventurous couple to follow, having transitioned from sailing a monohull to living in a van to buying a charter catamaran in the islands!

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner | @michelleschro

Owner of the popular blog makingsenseofcents.com, Michelle, her husband, and new baby split their time between traveling by catamaran and traveling in a van.

Taylor Sailing and Travel | @teanseatravel

Taylor is a Florida girl with a love for the water. She’s done everything from working on a tall ship to sailing to all corners of the Caribbean. She lives on her 47-foot sailboat and shares tidbits on boat life and sustainability.

You can also follow the hashtag #sailinglifestyle to find even more sailing accounts to follow.

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