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Boat vs. RV Life

When choosing a lifestyle for alternative living, there’s something special about traveling with your home.

Whether you choose to travel by land or water, there are many similarities and differences between these two lifestyles. Read more to compare boat versus RV life and figure out which is best for you.

Save Money for Full-Time Travel

Whether your dream is to travel by RV, van, boat, or around the world with just a pack on your back – the process for saving money to travel is the same.

Check out the seven steps to save money to reach your financial goal to travel full-time.

Zero Waste for Small Spaces

Storage in a small space is a challenge – more so when you’re storing single-use products.

Those same items have a recurring cost, create waste, and are bad for the environment. Jump on these swaps to become sustainable in your small space.

RV Gas Cost Calculator

One of the most significant RVing expenses is gas and diesel fuel costs. This RV fuel calculator can help estimate those costs, so you have a good idea of the actual price of gas for your trip. No surprises!

Read more to start calculating your next trip.

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