Living on a Boat

Are you ready to live on the water?

sailing catamaran on the ocean

A Sailing Lifestyle

Living on a boat is more than just minimalist living. When you live on the water, you’re embracing a unique lifestyle that takes more time, energy, and motivation.

Life aboard can present many everyday challenges, but it can be a rewarding experience with the right dedication to live the cruising or sailing lifestyle.

What It Means to Live Aboard

Making the leap to live on a boat requires research and planning to decide if it’s right for you.

What’s Different

Things like the weather, power, freshwater, provisioning, and personal space – become front of mind.

What You Learn

Get ready to become a mechanic, electrician, navigator, cook, plumber, and seamstress.

Who You’ll Be

Someone who chooses to live outside their comfort zone, take on new challenges and become self-sufficient.

Get Started Cruising

Find out what to expect when planning to be a liveaboard cruiser — insights into life on the water and tips to get over the learning curve.

Liveaboard Boat Gear & Accessories

Lists and reviews of proven items we use daily on the boat. Tools, kitchen essentials, storage ideas, and more for life aboard.

Cooking on a Boat

The boat galley and provisioning are a big part of living on a boat. We cover ideas for cooking, shopping, and meal planning on a boat.

Sailing Inspiration

Get inspired to live the sailing lifestyle with lists of sailing quotes, movies, books, Instagram accounts, and more.

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