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Provisioning, Meal Ideas, & Galley Gear

Boat Galley & Cooking on a Boat

In this section, you’ll find everything you need to know to outfit your boat galley and start cooking delicious meals aboard.

We have gathered essential information for equipping your boat’s galley, stocking your vessel with provisions, and preparing delightful onboard meals.

Learn how to find great galley equipment, prepare meals with minimal fresh ingredients, and store food for the long term.

Guide to Cooking on a Boat

View our six steps to making delicious meals on your boat. Here you’ll find tips on how to meal prep, provision, store food, and more.

Cooking Onboard a Boat

Browse guides for making delicious meals on the water.

Ready to learn more about living on a boat?

For tips on boat gear, cooking onboard, cruising full-time, and more – check out our guide.