view from boat deck of sailing catamaran

Liveaboard Essentials You Need

Items That Make Boat Life Easier

How to choose things that are durable, space-conscious, and helpful for life aboard a boat.

With the limited space and storage on a boat, you’ll want to be selective about what you bring on board.

 We choose gear and other supplies based on these factors.

  • Size and storage
  • Durability in a boating environment
  • Multi-use or dual-purpose (or frequency of use)
  • Ease of use and effort to keep clean

Some things can make living on the water more manageable, while others are imperative to living aboard. 

From maintenance tools to the galley to everyday essentials – below, you’ll find articles on proven gear to have on a liveaboard boat.

Liveaboard Boat Gear

Browse lists of galley gear, tools, and sailboat accessories.

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