What Stores Allow Overnight RV Parking?

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truck and trailer parked at Cracker Barrel

Are you a newbie or budget-conscious RVer looking for convenient and affordable places to park your vehicle overnight?

This article will explore what stores allow overnight RV parking for free. Whether you’re a full-time RVer or just embarking on a road trip, finding a safe and comfortable place to park your RV on long travel days is a must.

Fortunately, there are plenty of stores across the United States that welcome RVers to park in their lots for free. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the best places to park your RV overnight without breaking the bank.

Must-Know Tips for RV Free Parking Overnight

For RVers to continue enjoying the generosity of free overnight parking at the listed stores below, you can do a few things while staying.

1. ALWAYS CHECK WITH THE MANAGER. This is the number one tip for every store on this list. Even if reviews in an app say the store allows overnight RV parking, check with a manager. Town or city ordinances can prohibit overnight RV parking, which has become increasingly more common since 2020.

2. DON’T SET UP CAMP. More often than not, you’ll want to be in stealth mode when overnight parking. Be sure to leave your awning retracted and the camping chair stowed. Typically you’ll also want to leave your slides in and generator off. However, you can ask the manager about using these.

3. DEPART EARLY. These locations are for sleeping and getting back on the road. Try not to hang around too late into the morning hours.

4. PARK OUT OF THE WAY. Most store locations will have suggestions for where they would like you to park, and some even have an overnight parking area marked with signage. Generally, park away from entrances and exits.

5. LEAVE NO TRACE. Yes, this applies to parking lots too. Please pick up your trash, pick up after your pet, and leave the parking space as you found it.

BONUS TIP: Patron the business when possible. Although these businesses don’t require you to make a purchase, one of the reasons they allow free overnight parking is they hope you will buy something. Stock up on supplies, grab breakfast, or fill up on gas.


Walmart’s free overnight parking is the most popular free option for RVers. Known as “Walmart Camping,” this practice started with the company’s founder, Sam Walton, who viewed the RV community as loyal customers.

Walmart sign with RV travel trailer and tow vehicle in the parking lot.

Walmart stores typically have huge parking lots and plenty of lighting. Many also have 24-hour security. 

While the number of Walmart stores that allow overnight parking has dwindled in recent years, many still let RVers park overnight. And with over 4,700 stores in the US, that’s still a lot of overnight parking options!

PRO TIP: You’ll typically have less luck getting permission to park at stores in tourist destinations since the city will have often banned overnight parking.

To find out which Walmarts allow overnight parking, it’s best to contact the store manager directly. Try asking the employee who answers the phone, sometimes they will know, but most often, they’ll get the manager for you.

BONUS: Walmart parking lots are a convenient option for RVers since you can also take the opportunity to shop for groceries and RV items and even fill up your 5-gallon Primo water bottle if you have them.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is one of the more consistent options for overnight parking for RVs. We have yet to come across a location that doesn’t allow overnight RV parking.

front of Cracker Barrel restaurant

Most Cracker Barrels have designated RV/Bus Parking. However, these parking spaces are only about 45-50 feet in length. Sometimes you can stay in other areas of the parking lot. Just be sure to check with a store manager.

Cracker Barrel almost always provides a safe and quiet night’s sleep for RVers.

BONUS: Make sure to stop in for either a nice country dinner when you get in or breakfast in the morning to show your appreciation! 

Check out our post, Cracker Barrel Overnight Parking for RVs, to learn more about staying overnight at these restaurants.

Wholesale Clubs

Wholesale clubs such as Sam’s Club and Costco can be convenient and safe options for RVers looking for a quiet place to park overnight.

Even if you aren’t a member, you can still get permission to park in the large parking lots of these stores.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club, a membership-only retail warehouse chain owned by Walmart, allows RVers to park overnight in their parking lots. 

While Sam’s Club camping may not be as well-known as Walmart camping, it can still be a feasible option for RVers seeking free overnight parking.

Like Walmart, not all Sam’s Club locations permit overnight parking, so it’s best to check with the store manager beforehand. They’ll also likely have an area of the parking lot where they would prefer you park.

BONUS: Although you don’t need to be a Sam’s Club member to stay overnight, members can take care of a shopping trip and fill up on fuel.

Costco Overnight Parking

Costco, like Walmart and Sam’s Club, has a similar policy that allows RVers to park overnight in their parking lots.

Like the stores mentioned above, you’ll have a large parking lot to park your RV out of the way of store entrances and exits or in a designated Costco overnight parking area.

Some stores do not permit overnight parking, so like everything on this list, always check with the manager.

Unlike Walmart, Costco usually closes at 8:30 PM on the weekdays and around 6 PM on the weekends.

Although some employees will work after store hours, you could be alone in the parking lot, which might be uncomfortable for some RVers.

BONUS: Like Sam’s Club, you don’t need to have a Costco membership to park overnight, but if you do, you can quickly get some shopping done and fill up on gas!

Outfitter Stores

There are a few outfitter stores located across the US that welcome RV campers to park overnight. Some of these spots even have a dump station.

Cabela’s / Bass Pro Shop

Cabela’s, a popular outdoor retail store, offers RV overnight parking and will typically have RV designated parking spots. 

Outdoor sign and entrance to Bass Pro Shop.

With 170 locations in the US and Canada, Cabela’s overnight parking has become popular for RVers.

Bass Pro Shops purchased Cabela’s in 2017 and also allows RV overnight parking.

Many Cabela’s locations also have a dump station for a $5 fee. If you make a purchase at Cabela’s, you might be able to get the dump station code for free. Just ask at the counter when you checkout.

NOTE: Although Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee is a fun place to visit, we don’t recommend an overnight stay since we’ve heard the area isn’t great and there have been security issues. 

Camping World

In the past, Camping World, a widely known RV parts and gear store, has allowed overnighting in its store parking lots for RVers.

However, in more recent years, Camping World has grown into an RV dealership, and the stores that allow overnight parking for RVs have become much fewer.

You can still find some locations that will allow it. Just make sure to call the store first and check. Camping World can be convenient for an overnight stay since they are typically right off major highways.

BONUS: Many locations also have RV dump stations, so you can swing by to dump your tanks too.

Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores are some of the lesser known overnight parking options since the companies below don’t actually have corporate policies on overnight parking. However, they can be a nice overnight stop if the store manager allows you to stay. 

Home Depot

Many Home Depot stores allow RV overnight parking in their parking lots, provided local ordinances allow it and the store manager gives permission. 

They can be a convenient option for RV travelers who need a place to park overnight, as Home Depot locations are often located near other stores and even dining options.

When you get permission, make sure to park out of the way of the store entrance and other stores that may be nearby. Arrive late and leave early.


Like Home Depot, whether or not Lowe’s allows overnight parking is up to the store manager (and the city or local government).

BONUS: Of course, either home improvement store can be a good overnight location if you need to pick up parts, tools, or even firewood for your next campsite.

Truck Stops

Truck stops can be a viable option for RV overnight parking.

They typically have large parking areas and plenty of lighting, although they can be busy at night.

In addition, to taking advantage of the amenities at a truck stop, RVers using the Open Roads fuel card (formerly TSD Logistics) can also use their account at select truck stops to save on diesel before heading out.

READ NEXT: See more details on fuel savings in our article Best Discount Fuel Cards for RV Owners.


Love’s Travel Stops can be a great option for RVers, depending on their travel style.

Love's truck stop

These truck stops are conveniently located off major highways and interstates, making them a convenient option for RVers on the road.

Love’s has a policy that allows RVers to park in their designated RV parking areas overnight, free of charge. However, many Love’s without designated RV spots also welcome RVers.

Many Love’s offer amenities that RVers may find helpful, including:

  • dump stations
  • propane
  • fully stocked convenience store
  • showers (they’re actually very nice)
  • laundry facilities

This is perfect for RVers who have just finished dry camping and need to restock, dump the tanks, and get clean! 

It’s important to note that not all Love’s locations offer the above amenities.

Download the Love’s Connect App so you can check out the individual locations. You can even reserve your shower from the app!

BONUS: For RVers traveling with furry companions, many Love’s Travel Stops also have dog parks!

Pilot Flying J

Similar to Love’s, Pilot Flying J is RV overnight parking friendly.

They typically have designated RV parking spaces separate from the semi-truck parking. You don’t necessarily need to ask to use these spaces unless they are full and you want to park elsewhere.

Entrance to modern designed Pilot gas station with Pilot log over the door.

Some locations also have RV dump stations. And Good Sam members receive a discount on the dumping fee, making it cheaper than Love’s dump station usage cost.

Pilot Flying J is a convenient stop off the highway where you can feel safe and also have access to restrooms, a convenience store, food, showers, WiFi, and more.

PRO TIP: Keep in mind, these stores are primarily truck stops, so be prepared for noise and activity throughout the night. Consider earplugs or headphones to help with the noise.

Fitness Centers

Fitness centers such as Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, and 24-Hour Fitness do not have an official policy on overnight parking. However, these places have been used successfully for overnight parking by mostly small motorhomes (class Bs) and camper vans.

Since the fitness centers listed above are open 24 hours, it’s easier to go unnoticed. 

Parking at one of these businesses might be doable if you’re a pro at stealth camping. But you can also avoid the dreaded midnight knock by asking for permission at the front desk.

BONUS: If you have a membership, a fitness center can be a convenient stop to grab a shower and use the WiFi. Planet Fitness is the most affordable of the nationwide fitness centers mentioned above. They also have 2,330 locations.


Casinos can be a great option for overnight parking. With large, well-lit parking areas and (typically) 24-hour security, RVers can get a good night’s sleep.

Some casinos even have hookups or a dump station for RVs.

You’ll find the most options for overnight casino parking in US states on the west coast and other Western states such as Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

BONUS: Casinos also have restaurants available and, of course, entertainment, making them a nice stopover for a night. 

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a paid annual membership that allows you to park overnight at various private ranches, farms, breweries, wineries, and more across the US.

RVer petting alpacas at an alpaca farm Harvest Host location.
Visiting an alpaca farm in Colorado through our Harvest Hosts membership.

It is a paid membership, but there is no limit on how many member locations you visit throughout the year.

It is suggested that you spend a minimum of $20 at the business or host where you are staying.

Many farms offer tours of their property, and some even offer hookups for a price.

These locations are also typically safe places to park overnight since they are usually in a more rural area and on private property.

Harvest Hosts’ overnight stays are a great way to park your RV for the night and have a unique experience at a location.

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Apps for Finding Free RV Parking Overnight

Check out the below apps for finding stores where you can park overnight.

You can find general information and look at reviews of different stores. Just remember always to ask or call to confirm you can park overnight.

  • AllStays (Camp &RV) – We highly recommend this app for finding overnight parking and many other RV campsites, stores, dump stations, and more. It’s $9.99 annually in the app store. Only available on iOS.
  • FreeRoam – This is an RV boondocking app that you can use to find overnight parking.
  • Love’s Connect App – This app was mentioned above for finding Love’s locations.

We hope you have found some helpful information for finding comfortable and secure RV overnight parking while you are on a road trip or looking for a spot for the night between campsites.

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