Open Roads TSD Fuel Card: Maximize Your RV Budget

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RVer holding EFS card in front of a truck lane diesel pump at a truck stop.

Whether a weekend RVer, full-time, or somewhere in between, you understand the thrill of hitting the open road, exploring new destinations, AND the fuel cost to get there.

Fuel prices can often become a significant concern and might even limit the extent of your RV adventures.

The TSD fuel card and the Open Roads app are great options for saving on diesel fuel.

The TSD Open Roads Program provides RV owners with a fuel savings card that unlocks remarkable discounts on diesel fuel purchases across the US.

This article will guide you through the TSD program and its benefits, including:

  • the convenience of using truck fuel lanes
  • a straightforward enrollment process
  • the potential savings you can achieve

We’ll also explore the user-friendly mobile app that provides real-time information on fuel prices and locations, allowing you to plan your route strategically.

Let’s jump into the details of acquiring and using the TSD Logistics card and why it has become our go-to for the best discounts on diesel fuel as RV owners towing with a diesel truck.

What is a TSD Fuel Card?

The TSD card is a fuel debit card available to anyone who buys diesel, including an RV motorhome or diesel pickup truck.

This card provides discounts in the truck fuel lanes at truck stops like Love’s, Petro, and TA (TravelCenters of America) and at partner locations with truck lanes such as Speedway and Allsup’s.

What is the Open Roads Program and App?

Open Roads is the branded program under TSD Logistics.

Open Roads logo and an image of an iPhone screen with the Open Roads mobile app circled.

The fuel card is often still referred to as the TSD Logistics fuel card since it was only recently branded as Open Roads. We’ll use these terms interchangeably in this article.

How Does the TSD Open Roads Program Work?

The TSD card is part of a diesel fuel discount program accepted at select truck stops. TSD’s Open Road mobile app shows you participating fuel stops and their discounted diesel prices. 

Close up of fuel being pumped into a diesel truck.

You pay at the pump with a special EFS (Electronic Funds Source) card rather than a credit card. The discounted amount is withdrawn from your bank account a few days later.

Where can you get fuel?

TSD discount prices are only available at specific participating stops. The open roads app shows a map or list of nearby truck stops offering discounts. 

TSD Open Roads app screenshots of map view and list view of participating fuel stops.
You can search for participating fuel stations within a 50 to 250 mile radius.
NOTE: All truck stops not shown on the OpenRoads map will charge full price plus a $1 transaction fee.

You can research each stop further by tapping a fuel station stop of your choice.  

Screenshot of the Open Roads mobile app with individual fuel or gas station details.
When you view the details, you can clearly see the pump price, discount price, the truck stop fixed transaction fee, etc.

How do you pay for the discount fuel?

  1. When you join the Open Roads program, an EFS card is issued to you. 
  2. This debit card is attached to a bank account of your choice. 
  3. The discounted amount is deducted from the bank account in 2-5 days. 

There are no bills to pay later like a credit card. A settlement is sent to your email with the details of the transaction and the discounted total fuel price. 

You can also see transaction details in the Open Roads app under account cards > view transactions.

Screenshot of the Open Roads app fuel transaction details.
In this example, you can see the truck stop fee (Speedway’s fee), and further down gallons purchased, retail price, Open Roads 10% fee, etc.

TSD Logistics Fuel Program Fees

TSD’s Open Roads program is funded by collecting a fee per transaction. 

This fee is 10% of the discount. For example, if you saved $20, the fee would be $2, but if the savings were $5, the fee would be only $.50. 

There is also a flat fee that goes to the truck stop. You can find the fee amount in the app. Depending on the truck stop, it will be either $.40 or $.65

Other standard fees exist for insufficient bank funds, incorrect bank accounts, expedited shipping/processing, and out-of-network truck stops listed on the program’s website.

For a complete guide to the program fees, visit the Open Roads website.

Benefits of TSD Open Roads

Besides the lower prices, one of the most significant benefits of the TSD fuel card for an RVer is using the truck lanes. Here are a few benefits of fueling up in the truck lanes.

Motorhome in trucking lane beside semi truck at a gas station.
  • Truck lanes are large and one-way, creating an orderly in-and-out process for anyone with a large RV or semi-truck. You can avoid planning to ensure your rig will fit, and you don’t need to worry about blocking the road or navigating around the pumps and small parking spots at a traditional gas station.
  • Truck lanes are also quick. The pumps are high-flow and take a fraction of the time to fill your tank. If you need DEF for your diesel RV or truck, a DEF pump is conveniently located next to the diesel pump. (Note: there are no discounts on DEF.)
  • Truck lanes provide a space to park. If you want to run inside for a snack or use the restroom, there is a designated space to pull up and park for a few minutes after fueling.

Challenges of TSD Open Roads

Below are some notable challenges of using this discount fuel program.

First Time in the Truck Lanes

The most obvious challenge to using the TSD card is feeling uncomfortable using the truck lanes.

Truck towing RV in fuel truck lanes at gas station.

The first time we used the truck lanes, it did seem odd. Being around all those semi-trucks and operating a commercial vehicle pump that was clearly designed for them was a bit overwhelming. 

The pumps are also larger and require answering more questions than usual.

All these things can add up and make you feel like you are in someone else’s domain, but there is no reason to be intimidated. 

One time through the process will show you it is straightforward. Truckers we’ve met are also courteous and helpful.

These days, it’s not unusual to see several RVs fueling up at truck stops.

Smartphone Usage

Another barrier can be the smartphone requirement to find a fuel station. 

You’ll want to use a smartphone to find the best deal and location that accepts the TSD card, but it can be a turn-off if you’re averse to technology. 

Luckily the app is snappy and easy to use as long as you have a good internet connection.

Providing Personal Information

Since Open Roads deducts the discounted fuel price directly from your bank, you’ll also need to be comfortable giving them your bank account number, routing number, and Social Security number. 

NOTE: They do not run a credit check and only use the SSN to file claims against delinquent accounts.

TSD Fuel Card Cost Savings

Now for the best part. Let’s dive into the real savings using the Open Roads program.

How much can you save with the TSD card?

The truth of fuel savings in this program can be tricky. 

The calculated savings from the Open Roads settlement shows the discount against the standard retail price of the truck stop. But how does that compare to the gas at the convince store down the street?

Fifth wheel RV in the truck fuel lane at a Speedway gas station.
Photo credit: Adventures with Tucknae

Depending on the region, time of year, and fluctuations in global oil prices, truck stops may have much higher retail prices than the surrounding area gas stations, making the discounted diesel price only comparable. 

An Open Roads station might still be worth it for the convince of the drive-through truck pumps.

In other areas, there is no question that the savings are significant over the regular truck stop retail price and the surrounding gas stations. 

Example of How to Find the Best Prices on Fuel

For example, when writing this, the Love’s in west Albuquerque is $3.53 for diesel on Open Roads. Not bad compared to its current regular price of $3.78. But a couple of blocks over is a Circle K and a Maverick at $3.39

Compare that to Speedway in Chattanooga, which is currently $3.18 on Open Roads, a regular price of $3.69. The surrounding area has a Walmart at $3.59, and all others are $3.69. So Open Roads is a much better deal here.

Use the GasBuddy app or Google Maps to research and compare prices for gas stations that aren’t associated with Open Roads.

PRO TIP: Make sure you research ahead on your route to compare prices. Going to the next truck stop down the road could offer big savings!

Our Real Fuel Savings Using the Open Roads TSD Program

So what do our savings look like using this program over the last year? Here is a full breakdown.

We’ve purchased 576.32 gallons using the TSD card and have an average savings of .51 cents per gallon off the pump price.

We spent $1,970.93 on fuel, with a cost savings of $295.18, and spent $40.28 on transaction fees.

Get Started with the Open Roads TDS Fuel Card

Now that you know more about how the Open Roads program works, let’s look at how to apply for the card and use it the first time.

How do you sign up for an Open Roads fuel card?

Applications for Open Roads can be found on their website on the application page. Once you’ve completed the application, the EFS fuel card should arrive in two to three weeks.

TSD Open Roads application screen for fuel card.

If you require an expedited card, follow these instructions.

NOTE: You can help us out by entering our referral code FBRY29 on the referral tab in the application under “Who were you referred by.”

How do I activate my Open Roads fuel card?

There is a small activation process when you get the card.

How do you use a TSD fuel card at the pump?

While the process is similar to pay-at-the-pump gas stations, using your EFS card in the truck lane has a few different steps, and they will vary from truck stop to truck stop.

RVer pumping fuel into a diesel truck at a truck stop.

Follow these steps to use your TSD EFS card.

  1. After inserting your EFS card, the pump may prompt for a rewards card for you to insert. If you don’t have one, choose to skip it. 
  2. Some pumps will prompt you to select which products you need. Choose ‘yes’ for fuel and ‘yes’ for DEF if needed. Anytime the pump asks for “additional products,” select ‘no.’ 
  3. When the pump asks for vehicle type, select ‘tractor.’
  4. Prompts for a control number will be the last four of the Social Security number that you entered on the application.
  5. Fuel your vehicle and add DEF when prompted. Pull up to the provided spot to free up the pump after fueling.

FAQ for TSD Fuel Card

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about the TSD fuel card and Open Roads program.

Is the TSD fuel card worth it?

The TSD Open Roads program can provide big cost savings on diesel fuel. Considering the program has no upfront cost, it makes sense for diesel truck drivers and RVers to try this card. We see an average fuel savings of .51 cents per gallon.

Does Pilot accept the TSD fuel card?

Pilot Flying J no longer accepts the TSD fuel card or Open Roads program.

Where is the TSD card accepted?

The TSD fuel card is accepted at participating truck stops in the Open Roads program. This includes Love’s, TA, and many others.

Why does TSD open roads need my Social Security number?

TSD requires a social security number to collect money from unpaid accounts. They do not run a credit check.

Best Diesel Fuel Card for RV Owners

If you haven’t guessed already, we consider the TSD card the best out there in discount diesel fuel cards for RVers.

We hope our TSD Open Roads review and guide have given you ideas for the best way to maximize your travel potential while enjoying substantial savings on fuel costs.

Apply for a TSD Open Roads Fuel Card

You can apply for the TSD Open Roads card at the link below.

If you found this review helpful, please enter our referral code FBRY29 on the referral tab in the field “Who were you referred by?” to help us out a bit!

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