10 Helpful Storage Ideas for RV Closets

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small rv storage closet with organized clothing

How do RVers organize their clothes in their bedroom and RV closet?

Storing clothes in an RV isn’t an easy task. For most RVers, organizing their closet is unique to them and their RV. You will discover the best storage ideas for your space by trial and error. But every RVer needs a few clothes storage ideas to give them a place to start!

From RV closet organizers to closet shelves and even how to store your shoes – we’ll cover the basic (and not so basic) storage ideas to get started!

Here are ten storage ideas for RV closets that maximize storage space.

1. Hanging Storage Organizer

Hanging organizers are one of my favorite ways to organize and maximize space in small closets.

Hanging clothes can easily take up all your storage space quickly, but a hanging organizer with easy-to-access baskets can be a great way to store everything from shirts to pants to shorts.

rv closet storage with laundry baskets and hanging organizer
To add a hanging organizer, all you need is a tension rod if one isn’t already in place.

Removal baskets on the shelves make it easy to put away clothes and keep your small closet from becoming a mess a few days after you put away laundry.

I have used this clothing organization strategy with success in the wardrobes of a motorhome, a sailboat, and currently in the spare closet of our travel trailer (pictured above).

shorts folded and organized in basket
An example of how we previously folded and stored clothes in a hanging organizer.
PRO TIP: When purchasing a hanging organizer, check the width to ensure it will fit in your wardrobe area. Length is not usually an issue. You can tape unused shelves with fabric tape if the shelf is too long.
5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer Space Saver
  • Hanging shelves with side accessories pockets
  • Hangs from two durable hooks
  • 12" x 11.5" x 42" inches
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Until our recent RV, a hanging organizer was the perfect clothing storage idea for maximizing space. In the next step, I’ll explain why I used a different approach for our current wardrobe space.

2. DIY RV Closet Ideas

One of the best ways to create extra storage in your tiny closet is to create shelving for your RV closet. Sometimes you can do this with the hanging organizer mentioned above, but other times you might need to make custom shelving.

My current wardrobe is an incredibly slim, very deep cabinet (you know the ones). Inventing clothing storage ideas to take advantage of this type of space can be a challenge.

organized rv closet space with clothing

To take advantage of a deep wardrobe, we installed a wire shelf (cut to the right size) near the back of the cabinet.

We wanted to see how this would work first, so we chose to mount the shelf with Command hooks (four utility 5-pound hooks). You can also install a shelf with screws if you need something that can hold more than 20 pounds.

bin on top of DIY closet shelf in rv

This setup is great for utilizing space in the back of the wardrobe while still allowing plenty of access in the front.

3. Vacuum Storage Bags

If you are a full-time RVer, you will need a way to store off-season clothing. One space-efficient way to store clothing you don’t readily need is with vacuum storage bags.

You can use these space-saving bags to pack away clothes or extra bedding. Once you deflate the bags, they can be stored in a considerably smaller space. Choose the harder-to-access spots of your RV closet or cabinet storage for these. We like to keep ours in the very back of the closet.

vacuum storage bags with clothes inside
Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
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Vacuum bags come in tons of sizes. We recommend storing clothing in smaller bags for an RV. The small bags are easier to handle in a small space and can be stored in a lot of tight places.

PRO TIP: These bags come with a manual pump to extract the air, but a small handheld vacuum can also help remove most of the air before switching to the custom pump.

4. Hanging Shoe Organizer

There are many ways to store shoes in an RV, and everyone seems to do it a bit differently. However, most methods to organize shoes involve a hanging shoe organizer. Sometimes it’s an over-the-door hanging organizer or the popular around-the-bed hanging organizer.

shoe storage around the bottom of an rv bed

Over the years, we’ve also discovered that you can simply buy a shoe hanging organizer and cut it to the spec you need for your space. If you have a spot by the door that only fits a shoe hanger with three shoe spots across, just cut the fabric to remove the fourth spot.

PRO TIP: Use wire Command hooks to hang the organizer exactly where you want it and avoid drilling holes in the wall. Be sure to choose the 5-pound hooks for the most stability.

5. Stackable Plastic Drawers

This RV closet organizer idea is very similar to the hanging storage organizer. The main difference is these drawers sit on your closet floor instead of hanging from a clothing rod. You won’t need to consider how much weight you put in these drawers like you would with hanging storage.

Stackable drawers are usually hard plastic, so they are better suited for large RV closets where you don’t need as much flexibility to get them in the closet. However, a set of stackable drawers that are perfectly sized can work well in a smaller closet too.

Recommended Stacking Drawers

Here are a few different styles of stackable drawers that may work for your camper closet.

6. Laundry Hamper Storage

Storage for your laundry hamper probably wasn’t the first thing on your mind when shopping for RVs. But finding a convenient place to store and access laundry does make a difference in your daily routine in the RV. (Take it from someone who hasn’t thought it through the first few times.)

slim laundry baskets organized in rv closet

Here are some options for storing laundry in an RV.

  • SHOWER: Toss the basket on the bed when you use the shower.
  • OVER THE CAB: In a motorhome, there’s usually enough room for a laundry bag stored sideways or a small, shorter laundry basket over the cab.
  • OUTSIDE STORAGE AREA: This one is more of a DIY, where you can make a laundry chute to the external storage area.
  • HANGING LAUNDRY BAG: Hang a canvas bag on an over-the-door style hook in the bathroom.
  • BOTTOM OF THE CLOSET: If you have a larger closet, you might be able to carve out space in the bottom for laundry.

When we moved into our travel trailer, I carved out a spot for two slim laundry bins in a cabinet so we could easily throw clothes in the baskets and keep them tucked away.

Rolling Slim Laundry Basket with Handle on Wheels
  • Collapsible and foldable laundry hamper
  • Tall laundry storage basket (22-inch)
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Depending on your RV style and size, you might have a more creative solution. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for more laundry organization ideas.

7. RV Closet Hangers

If you have an RV closet with hanging space, you might actually want to use it to hang some clothes! However, don’t be fooled into using any type of closet hanger.

woman holding up two thin rv hangers

You’ll want thin hangers to take full advantage of the space when hanging clothes. You can easily slide these in on either side of a hanging wardrobe organizer. This strategy works well if you have just a few shirts or dresses you don’t want to get wrinkled. 

High-Quality Hangers (50-Pack)
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PRO TIP: Most slim hangers are also non-slip. Perfect for keeping clothes in place on RV travel days.

8. Packing Cube Organization

Whether you’re organizing a small closet or storing extra towels or specialty clothing (such as bathing suits or hiking gear), packing cubes are the perfect option for organizing different styles or types of clothing.

Depending on what you wear in your RV lifestyle, you can choose a few different ways to organize packing cubes.

packing cubes organized in felt bin in rv closet

I organize the clothes I wear less often into packing cubes (extra leggings, dresses, sun wraps, skirts, etc.) while my husband organizes all his clothes in packing cubes (socks, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, etc.)

packing cubes packed on bed

Packing cubes are perfect for hard-to-reach areas or spaces that don’t lend themselves to stacking or hanging storage. If you’re tight on space, packing cubes can help compress your clothing as well.

Recommended Packing Cubes

We like the slim cubes for organizing smaller items since they are easier to handle, but the larger sizes are ideal for sweaters, pants, and bigger items.

9. Clothes Storage Bins

Whatever system for storage you choose in your RV closet, you’ll need some storage bins to make it happen. These can be plastic, fabric, or any type of bin that suits your fancy.

small clothing storage bin on bed with folded shirts

When using storage bins for clothing, look for these features to ensure the storage items will work great in your space.

  • Flexible bins or bins with a little ‘give’ will be easy to get in and out of your closet (especially if you have a small closet door opening). We use a lot of soft plastic bins and felt bins. Both are great for clothing.
  • Bins with built-in dividers or compartments that you can use to fold and separate clothing. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can divide containers up further with boxes or whatever containers you have available.
  • If you live in a motorhome, look for soft bins that won’t rattle on travel days. Felt and cloth bin options are great for motorhomes.

Recommended Storage Bin Options

Here are a couple of the storage bin options we use. These are also collapsible.

10. Wall Hooks

Hooks are the final way to take advantage of every last little bit of storage space.

Use hooks on your closet door, walls around your wardrobe, and more for hanging hats, bags, jewelry, coats, and anything else that makes sense in your RV space.

small basket with clothing items hanging from hook on rv closet door

You can use Command hooks, over-the-door hooks, or hooks that actually screw into your cabinet or RV walls. You can even use hooks to hang other storage items like baskets for storing scarves, socks, underwear, and other small items.

Wall hooks are a great way to finish off your RV closet space!

Recommended Hook and Basket Options

These are a few simple but efficient items we like for wall storage.

Getting Started with RV Storage Ideas for Clothes

There are many storage ideas for RV closets, and the best way to find what works for you is to experiment. Try different organizing systems, storage containers, and hooks to see what makes the most sense in your space. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

If you can’t find something that fits your needs perfectly, customize your space by making it yourself. With time and effort, you can have the perfectly organized RV closet of your dreams.

Do you have any great RV storage ideas for closets? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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