How to See Savannah in One Day

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Close up of St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Savannah, Georgia

If you’re looking to explore one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the United States, there’s no better place to start than Savannah, Georgia. With its cobblestone streets, lush gardens, and antebellum architecture, Savannah is a city that oozes Southern charm.

While you could easily spend weeks exploring all that Savannah has to offer, if you’re short on time, it is possible to see the highlights of the city in just one day. Here’s a suggested itinerary for how to see Savannah in one day.

River Street

Start your day by strolling down River Street, which runs along the Savannah River. This bustling area is full of restaurants, cafes, and shops. It’s a great place to start out your day by finding breakfast.

2 Cracked Eggs

On our recent trip, we found a charming little eatery overlooking River Street, 2 Cracked Eggs.

No Southern kitchen detail is overlooked. From the water carafes to the cast iron serving plates and a miniature milk carton of creamer. And, of course, clothesline bacon, which is precisely what it sounds like.

sign at 2 Cracked Eggs in downtown Savannah advertising "clothesline bacon"

Our server Christine was delightful. She commented that she always tells folks if they don’t like the ‘White Trash Hash’, she’ll buy it back! Well, you don’t need to do that, Christine. Ross cleaned his plate.

I opted for the Shrimp and Grits because it’s Savannah (and I adore Shrimp and Grits). It’s made in-house with fresh Georgia shrimp cooked to perfection. Local stone-ground grits also never disappoint.

iron skillet with shrimp and grits and second iron skillet with large biscuit

The above image is not distorted. The biscuits here are literally a meal in themselves. I took most of mine to-go and munched on it for a few days.

The Savannah Riverfront

With your belly full, you can stroll down River Street.

We explored the riverfront shops, including one heck of a candy store. Growing up working in my dad’s hardware store, I appreciated how they included old hardware store scales in the decor.

huge bins of hard candy at candy store

Take time to admire the Georgia Queen, docked on the riverfront. This gorgeous riverboat offers daily rides.

Georgia Queen river boat

Old Town Trolley

After scooping up a $5 coupon for the Old Town Trolley, we decided it would be a fun way to get an overview of downtown.

The hop-on-hop-off system is perfect for quick stops, and we never waited more than a few minutes to get back on. The drivers were continually pointing out sights and giving fun facts about the city.

Forsyth Park Savannah

Sightings on the Trolley Tour

  • The Forrest Gump bench location (not the bench itself, that’s in the Savannah History Museum, also on the tour)
  • City squares, Savannah has 22 of them
  • River Street
  • Savannah Historic District
  • Forsyth Park
  • City Market – shops, restaurants, American Prohibition Museum
  • St. John the Baptist Cathedral, the beauty of this place is definitely worth a stop.
wide shot of the inside of St. John the Baptist Cathedral

The Old Town Trolley is a great option to get the lay of the land and see a lot in a short timeframe.

Find details on the Old Town Trolley Tours site here.

American Prohibition Museum

We hopped off the trolley to explore this new Savannah museum that opened in May 2017.

American Prohibition Museum sign

A little different from the history and charm of most attractions in Savannah. The American Prohibition Museum is the only one of its kind in the country.

woman holding prop in display at the prohibition Museum

From the wax displays to the holograms, this place immerses you in the prohibition era. We embraced it and had a fun time! We even learned a few things.


The gentleman at the door, Travis, told us about the Speakeasy portion of the museum. He explained the drink list. (Drink tickets are sold at the door. We had our museum tickets through a package with the trolley.) He was very passionate and knowledgeable about his job.

The bartender was impressive and fun to watch. Shaking three drinks at once, he then peeled citrus and gave it a perfect squeeze before flavoring the glass rim. Now I don’t drink a lot of cocktails, but these looked legit to me. The taste test was a ten!

woman sitting at the bar at speak easy with fresh cocktails

Everything on the menu is from the era, including a float using Leopold’s ice cream, which opened in 1919. The decor, cocktail glasses – everything is straight out of the 20s.

Find details on the American Prohibition Museum here.

Dinner & Dessert in Downtown

For dinner, we combined a little bit of new Savannah with a bit of old.

Prohibition Restaurant

Continuing our Prohibition theme, we chose a newer addition to the culinary scene recommended by a local. Prohibition features mostly southern dishes with a modern, sophisticated twist.

After our cocktail indulgence at the museum, we opted for the local tap beer – Rick’s Lager and a local Saison. Both hit the spot.

close up of craft beer at Prohibition restaurant in Savannah

The catch of the day was a melt-in-your-mouth white fish with a Prosciutto foam on top. (Did I say this was modern dining or what?)

dinner dish featuring white fish

The local who recommended the restaurant insisted the grilled octopus was fabulous, so I gave it a try. I’ve had octopus before. Still, it is usually under-seasoned or too chewy for my taste.

Prohibition’s octopus had a beautiful charred flavor that went brilliantly with the sauce and kimchi. The baby salt and vinegar chips were a lovely compliment.

appetizer of grilled octopus

We also shared a side of the Brussel Sprouts and cleaned the bowl. No shame here.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Established in 1919, this was too much of a Savannah tradition to pass up.

The line was out the door, but we were prepared to wait for our sweet treat.

Bourbon Bisque ice cream sandwich was the final choice. Although I had a sample of the Honey Almond Cream and it was tasty. 

cookie ice cream sandwich on plate

I love all the movie posters (new and old) on the walls, and it was fun checking them out while waiting in line. 

Day Trip to Savannah

Savannah is a beauty of a city that oozes Southern charm. 

Take your time to indulge in her delicious food, chat with her enthusiastic locals, and soak it all in at a slow pace. She will not disappoint.

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