Best RV Spice Rack Ideas for Easy Organization

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spice jars on RV kitchen counter

Are you tired of constantly rummaging through your cabinets and drawers looking for the right spice while cooking in your RV? An organized and easily accessible spice rack can be a game-changer for any RVer who enjoys cooking on the road.

Whether you have a large motorhome or a small camper van, there are countless ways to create a functional spice rack that fits your needs and style.

Below, we’ll explore creative and practical RV spice rack ideas that will help you keep your spices organized, easily accessible, and add some style to your tiny kitchen. Let’s dive in!

RV Rotating Spice Organizer

Rotating spice organizers and Lazy Susans are ideal for RV cabinet space since their design maximizes storage efficiency, and the rotating mechanism allows you to access spices easily.

These spice organizers are also a flexible storage solution for RVing since you can store them permanently in a cabinet or (if you have the counter space) let them live on the counter and tuck them in a cabinet or the sink on travel days.

Find a Rotating Spice Organizer that Fits Your Space

Remember these tips when choosing the right rotating spice rack for your cabinet.

  • Measure the depth and height of your cabinet to ensure you have enough space to turn the spice rack comfortably.
  •  If you have a tall RV cabinet, you can purchase a two-tier rotating spice rack to utilize the vertical space.
PRO TIP: When opting for a Lazy Susan, choose one with a raised rim along the side (like the one above) so you don’t end up with spilled spices on travel days.

Pull Out Cabinet Spice Rack Organizer

A pull-out or (slide-out) cabinet spice organizer can be a particularly useful addition to an RV kitchen where space is at a premium and narrow cabinets are plentiful! 

Laura at Cool Mom and Collected initially had no designated spice storage system, which only added to her “tiny kitchen chaos.” 

Now, she stores her kitchen spices in a double-tiered spice rack she installed in a narrow kitchen cabinet inside her Grand Design travel trailer.

pull out spice rack in RV kitchen cabinet
This slide-out spice rack fits nicely in a narrow kitchen cabinet.

This spice rack slides out effortlessly and holds up to twenty different spices. It’s a perfect fit for what might otherwise be “dead space”.

The uniformed glass spice jars add a nice aesthetic, and the simple but lovely labels make for easy reading. It can be a huge game-changer during meal prep to be able to see spices neatly arranged and ready for use.

This minor upgrade adds a substantial amount of organization and can really “spice” things up in your RV kitchen!

Recreate this Stylish Spice Rack Install

The items below were used to create the above slide-out spice rack.

NOTE: The slide-out cabinet above comes in a few different sizes, as well as a single tier. Research your options and find the size and style that best suits your RV space.

RV Spice Drawer with Spice Jars

Storing spices in an RV kitchen drawer is a great way to keep them within easy reach while storing them in a cool, dark space for the longest-lasting freshness.

We use this spice storage method in our travel trailer since we have three narrow, stacked drawers but minimal wall and cabinet space.

person reaching into organized spice drawer to grab spice jar
The 18-pack of spice jars below fit almost perfectly in our 7.5″ wide by 13.75″ long drawer.

For this RV spice storage idea, you’ll use spice jars that are short enough to be organized standing up in your RV drawer yet large enough to hold a sufficient amount of spices.

We prefer this over a spice drawer organizer that is designed for spices to sit at an angle. Standing spice jars upright is more space-efficient.

3” Glass Spice Jars - 3 Fluid Ounces (18 pack)
  • Includes plastic lids and shaker tops (spice jar labels sold separately)
  • 18 of each style shaker top - spoon scraper, small hole shaker, and large hole shaker
  • Jars are 3" tall and 2" in diameter, holds 3 fluid ounces
  • Perfect spice jar for drawers

Another benefit of an RV spice drawer is it keeps your spices out of sight, making it easy to maintain a clean and clutter-free kitchen.

The spice jar lids can be clearly marked with purchased labels or something homemade (like we did in the image above) with a Cricut. Easy-to-read labels make finding the spice you need while cooking effortless.

PRO TIP: You can purchase spice holders for your drawer to keep them securely in place, but we choose to fill the extra space with dish clothes to keep the jars from sliding around on travel days.

RV Magnetic Spice Rack

RV magnetic spice racks or storage options are a popular choice for RVers looking for a practical and stylish solution to store their spices. This method uses magnets to attach spice containers directly to a magnetic object (such as a fridge) or magnetic base, freeing up counter and cabinet space in your RV kitchen.

One of the advantages of magnetic spice racks is their versatility. You can attach magnetic containers on any metal surface in your RV kitchen, or anywhere you can mount a magnetic wall base.

Brooke is a full-time RVer in a renovated 5th wheel who utilizes Gneiss Spice magnetic jars on her fridge to maximize storage space while keeping her spices easily accessible while cooking. She loves that this method frees up cabinet space. Plus, the colorful spices really stand out against the black fridge!

magnetic gneiss spice jars on RV fridge
A combination of large and small magnetic spice jars is a practical choice while also adding interest to this lovely fridge display.

The Gneiss Spice jars are not just stylish, but glass containers are airtight and will last longer than metal tins. This will keep your spices fresh for longer.

Glass Spice Jars with Magnetic Metal Lids
  • Large 4oz jars measure 2.5” x 2.5” and hold a 1/2 cup volume; large size is ideal for transferring grocery store spice bottles
  • Small jars 2” tall x 1.75” wide and hold 1/4 cup volume; small size is ideal for buying spices in bulk and refilling as needed
  • Spice labels included
02/18/2024 12:58 pm GMT

Mounting Ideas for a Magnetic Spice Rack

  • Fridge (if it’s magnetic)
  • Fridge (if it’s not magnetic) by securing a magnetic base with mounting tape
  • Stove vent cover (most are magnetic)
  • Side of a cabinet wall or inside a cabinet (using a magnetic base)
  • Spare wall space (using a magnetic base)
  • Under the cabinet with jar lids magnetizing to the underside of the cabinet (using a magnetic base)

Don’t have a magnetic fridge or other built-in magnetic option? Check out this stainless magnetic wall plate base to hold your magnetic spice jars. Available in four sizes to customize your camper spice rack space.

PRO TIP: Although these spice jars aren’t made specifically for RV travel, reviews from a couple of RVers and van lifers say these jars pass the test of staying put on travel days!

RV Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Wall-mounted spice storage is a convenient and space-saving solution for keeping your spices within easy reach (and off the counter) while cooking in your RV. 

A wall-mounted or hanging spice rack can be installed on any empty wall or side of a cabinet in your RV kitchen.

The mounted shelf design also makes it easy to see and grab the spice you need without having to dig through a drawer or cabinet. This makes RV meal prep a smoother process and overall, less stressful.

One of the benefits of this spice storage idea is it can be easily customized to fit your RV space and spice collection. Some storage racks come with adjustable shelves or sets of individual frames. This allows you to create a personalized storage solution that fits your needs.

Space Saving Spice Rack Hanging Organizers (Set of 4)
$24.97 $14.99
  • Wall mount spice rack for cabinet or wall mount
  • Each hanging spice rack organizer is 2.5" x 2.5" x 11.5"
  • Provides space for regular-sized spice jars up to 2"
02/19/2024 10:18 am GMT

Layouts for Hanging Spice Racks

Below are examples of the flexibility sets of individual hanging spice racks offer.

  • Hang the spice organizers together or individually
  • Stack racks vertically or hang side-by-side
  • Vary the distance between the spice rack shelves as needed

Creative Places for Wall-Mounted Spice Storage

Here are a few unique ideas for hanging spices.

  • Two racks side-by-side above your microwave
  • One or two racks side-by-side below your sink
  • A small rack above your fridge
  • One or two racks stacked above your doorframe

Wall-mounted spice racks and cabinets can be found in many different styles and materials. Wooden shelves add a rustic touch to your RV kitchen, while metal racks give a modern, industrial look. 

This option is ideal for RVers who want a stylish way to arrange their spices while maintaining a sturdy, stable, and durable storage solution.

PRO TIP: Before installing wall-mounted spice storage in your RV, be sure to measure the available wall space and the size of your spice containers. This will ensure that your chosen storage rack fits your available RV kitchen space.

RV Cabinet Spice Storage

If your RV doesn’t have extra counter space or drawers to keep your spices organized, you can adapt an RV kitchen cabinet to meet your needs. 

Most RV kitchen cabinets are one giant, open abyss that wastes a ton of space. If your cabinets are the same, consider adding an extra shelf. It’s one of the best things you can do to make your RV kitchen more functional, and it’s not difficult.

Janae at Adventures with Tucknae, takes it a step further by using shelf risers. This divides large, ineffiecient cabinets into multiple spaces, making them much easier to utilize and manage.

cabinet spice organization
Vertical cabinet space is utilized by storing spices on shelf risers with small spice containers in baskets underneath.

Once you’ve added shelf risers, go even further by organizing your spices by size. For example, you can place smaller spice bottles in trays under the shelf risers that are easy to pull out to find what you need, and larger spices can go on top of the shelf risers.

Extra shelves and shelf risers make it easy to find what spices you’re looking for, and it’s a much better use of vertical space than a giant cabinet with only items at the bottom.

RV Cabinet Door Spice Storage

Another creative spice storage idea is to use spice clips inside the doors of your RV cabinets. These clips are easy, affordable, and versatile for storing spices inside a cabinet door.

The clips typically come in a strip that will hold 3-4 jars, and you can use as many strips as you need to store your spices. These are ideal for narrow cabinets since they aren’t very wide.

Spice Gripper Clips (4 Strips, Holds 20 Jars)
  • Includes four strips (holds a total of 20 spice jars)
  • Each strip has five clips with pre-applied 3M LSE tape
  • Fits most standard round spice containers from 1.5" to 1.75" diameter
02/18/2024 04:33 pm GMT
PRO TIP: These spice clips mount with 3M adhesive. Add the included screws to make them extra secure for RV travel days.

RV Spice Storage Tip

Many of the above spice rack ideas require a specific bottle or spice jar size. But what if you buy spices in bulk?

Buying spices in bulk can be a cost-effective way to stock up on your favorite seasonings. When you purchase spices in the bulk section or in large containers, you often get a better price per unit than buying individual or small containers.

However, when living in an RV, space can be limited, and storing bulky spice containers can quickly become a challenge. 

Megan at Outdoor-ish saves space when purchasing bulk spices by emptying them into individual plastic bags and then refilling her spice jars as needed. 

bulk spice storage in labeled plastic bags with funnel in spice jar
Extra spices stored in plastic bags take up minimal space. A funnel makes it easy to refill smaller spice jars.
  • First, group all your individual bags of spices into a larger (gallon-size) plastic bag. 
  • Then, store them in your pantry in an out-of-the-way place, such as a top shelf. 
  • Make sure to label each bag with the name, expiration date, and any additional instructions. 

Storing spices like this will help save space by eliminating large half-used bottles and individual spices of various sizes. Then, when you’re ready to refill your spice jars, you can grab one big bag from the pantry instead of fumbling with several different containers.

PRO TIP: Purchase a small funnel to make transferring spices to bottles an easy task and avoid spilling precious spices on the countertop and kitchen floor.

Camping Spice Bottle Storage

If you’re a weekend RVer or travel in a class B motorhome, van, or small travel trailer, you may not have extra wall space or storage space for tons of spices. These compact containers are ideal for carrying spices for basic RV cooking needs and can be easily stored in a cabinet or drawer.

PRO TIP: For small spice collections, make sure you have the essentials – garlic powder, chili powder, curry powder, paprika, cinnamon, and an Italian herb blend (in addition to salt and pepper). These spices will allow you to make a wide variety of dishes on a camping trip. If you like more heat, throw in some cayenne pepper as well.

RV Spice Rack Ideas & Organizers

The right spice rack and storage method is essential for RV kitchen organization and a must-have for any part-time or full-time RVer.

Remember, the best spice organization system is the one that works for you! Whether you go the DIY route or choose a store-bought solution, implementing a spice rack in your RV will save you time, hassle, and ultimately enhance your cooking experience. 

So, don’t let the limited space of your RV hold you back from enjoying delicious meals on the road. Get creative and spice up your tiny kitchen with a functional and stylish spice rack!

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