13 Best Books About Minimalism to Live More Simply

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Are you trying to learn more about minimalism but having trouble figuring out where to start?

With all the information out there, it can be hard to know which approach is right for you. The books in this list will give you a taste of all the different aspects of minimalism so that you can find your own ideal lifestyle and create real change.

On this list, you’ll find:

  • the best books on decluttering and organization
  • introductory reading about minimalism and what it means
  • ideas and stories from those who have made the switch and changed their lives

These 13 titles are the best books about minimalism to help you adjust your ways and lead a simpler life.

1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

This is probably one of the best-known books on minimalism and simplicity. Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was one of the first books I read on decluttering almost seven years ago (actually, my husband was listening to it, and I was following along). 

Throughout its pages, you’ll not only learn about decluttering and organizing your things – you’ll learn about the relationships you have with your stuff and how to let go of your attachments to things you no longer need.

The KonMari method (as it’s now referred to) takes a more spiritual approach to our connections with things while asking, “Does this spark joy?”

2. The Joy of Less

A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize and Simplify by Francine Jay

The Joy of Less is an excellent follow-up to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Francine Jay offers helpful tips and tricks on simplifying your life and living with less.

She leads with the rewards that come with embracing simple living. Then she shares actionable steps with her “Streamline” method, explaining how these ten steps will get you on the right path to decluttering and keep you there.

She also provides worksheets and checklists to help you get started on your minimalism journey.

3. The Minimalist Home

A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life by Joshua Becker

This book is perfect for those who want to declutter their home one room at a time. Joshua Becker walks you through each room of the house, providing tips on what to keep, what to toss, and how to create a minimalist space that’s perfect for you.

Compared to the KonMari method, Becker takes a more practical approach to decluttering, which might resonate better with some readers.

He has other titles and also has a popular blog where you can read more and get a feel for his technique. Check out becomingminimalist.com.

4. Goodbye, Things

The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki

If you’re looking to declutter your life in one fell swoop, Goodbye, Things is the perfect book for inspiration.

Fumio Saski is a regular guy who decides to change his life by taking a more extreme path to minimalism. So he might be more relatable to some folks than the other minimalism guru authors on this list.

Sasaki provides simple but effective tips on how to rid yourself of the things holding you back. He offers an actual perspective of how simplifying can change your life and helpful advice on maintaining a minimalist lifestyle in the future.

5. The Curated Closet

A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe by Anuschka Rees

The Curated Closet offers a path to change how you dress and manage your wardrobe permanently. I recommend this read if you want to streamline your closet, save money, and dress better.

Anuschka Rees provides helpful advice on how to build a wardrobe that suits your personality and lifestyle while also helping you declutter your existing clothes.

Rees doesn’t tell you what to wear but instead poses questions that help you find your personal style. She also shares tips on buying well-made clothes and adequately caring for them so they’ll last.

6. Minimalism

Live a Meaningful Life by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

Written by two close friends best-known for their documentaries on Netflix, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life is perfect for those who want to minimalize more than just physical stuff.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus offer helpful tips through their “five values” on how to let go of your possessions and live with less. But they don’t just talk about decluttering your stuff, they cover relationships, jobs, and other things that monopolize our time.

These two also have a popular blog where you can get a taste of their approach to minimalism. Check out theminimalists.com.

7. Project 333

The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That Proves Less Really is So Much More by Courtney Carver

Project 333 is perfect for new minimalists looking to kick off their new lifestyle with a wardrobe challenge.

Courtney Carver’s method of dressing with less will challenge you to dress with just 33 items for three months. To help you with this task, she offers tips on building a wardrobe with mix-and-match outfits and focusing on quality over quantity.

This book is perfect for those who want to let go of fashion trends and create a wardrobe that saves time and money.

Carver also has a popular website all about Project 333. Check it out at bemorewithless.com.

8. Digital Minimalism

Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport

In Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport discusses the importance of being intentional with technology and social media.

This read is a little different than most of the books on this list, but it’s also a crucial one to include. As the title mentions, it’s a very noisy world we live in, and Newport helps keep us focused (and sane) by providing a guide to balance in a digital age.

He offers helpful tips on how to ‘unplug’ from digital distractions, avoid social media FOMO, and build a life that’s truly meaningful.

9. Less

A Visual Guide to Minimalism by Rachel Aust

Less is an excellent resource for exploring and learning more about minimalism through pictures and images.

Rachel Aust provides helpful charts, graphs, and infographics that clearly map out the minimalist lifestyle – what to get rid of and how to make decisions going forward.

This book provides an approach that could resonate with visual minds to help you get started on your decluttering journey.

10. Decluttering at the Speed of Life

Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff by Dana K. White

Dana K. White offers great advice on decluttering and maintaining a minimalist lifestyle even when life gets busy.

This book covers important topics such as building a solid foundation for minimalism, managing the flow of new things into your home, and more.

White’s straightforward, witty writing is also a nice change of pace from other decluttering books.

As of writing this, the Kindle version of this book is free with Amazon Prime.

11. The More of Less

Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own by Joshua Becker

The More of Less is an excellent read for anyone looking for a straightforward guide to why minimalism will help you lead a fuller life.

Joshua Becker is a regular family guy who offers helpful advice on eliminating the excess in your life and embracing minimalism.

Becker illustrates time and again why owning possessions really means your possessions own you and shows the reader how to escape your stuff to pursue your dreams.

12. Spark Joy

An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

If you enjoyed The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you might also find inspiration with this read from Marie Kondo. 

Spark Joy dives further into decluttering and organizing your home in a meaningful way.

Drawing on the concepts from the first book, Kondo further explains her organization method through detailed instructions and illustrations. From how to fold your clothes properly to habits that make tidying up easier. 

As she declutters room after room, she always references the method of only keeping items that “spark joy”.

13. Atomic Habits

An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

This book isn’t technically a minimalism read, but hear me out. 

If you want to start decluttering, it will not happen in a day. You have to declutter regularly. Even when you start living minimally, you have to maintain that lifestyle with good habits.

Atomic Habits is about building good habits and breaking bad ones. Author James Clear discusses how small changes can make a big difference in the long run and offers helpful advice on creating and maintaining healthy new routines.

I’ve personally heard stories of this book changing many lives a little bit at a time (including mine). If you want to get started with minimalism and stick with it – pick up this book!

Getting Started with Minimalist Living

Minimalism is a lifestyle that’s becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. Whether you’re looking to seriously downsize or just take control of your current space. There are many books out there about minimalism, and this list of the 13 best books on the topic should help you get started finding your own decluttering process.

If all of these books sound overwhelming or you want some guidance, we’re here to offer our expertise and experience when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle.

Get started by exploring our ten step guide to decluttering and downsizing.

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