Best Types of RVs to Live in Full Time



Class A Motorhome


These large and luxurious motorhomes are built on a bus chassis, and gas or diesel powered models are available. Typically 30+ feet but smaller sizes are can be found!

Class B Motorhome


Built on a commercial van chassis, these RVs are typically 18-22 feet long. Benefits include off-road capability on specific models and better fuel mileage. Some models even have slides!

Class C Motorhome


This 25-30 foot motorhome is built on a cutaway van chassis. Gas-powered and affordability are the pros of this RV! The over-the-cab area is ideal for extra sleep space or storage.

Fifth Wheel


This popular towable RV is designed to secure to a truck’s bed instead of a tow hitch. They often feature multiple slide-outs and high ceilings making them a spacious option for full-timers!

travel Trailer


These towable RVs are typically smaller than fifth wheels, but compact features make it easier to access campsites off-the-beaten-path. With this setup, the truck bed is also free for storage!

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