Big Costs of RV Living



CampGrounds & RV Parks


The cost of camping stays adds up quickly, especially in popular destinations or during peak travel seasons. Boondocking is a good way to save on campsites.

Fuel (Diesel or Gas)


If you travel often, fuel costs can be one of the most substantial ongoing expenses in RV living, making it crucial to budget and plan your routes efficiently.

RV Maintenance & Repairs


Regular maintenance and unexpected repairs are inevitable in RV life. These costs can be everything from engine maintenance to structural issues.

RV & Auto Insurance


Insurance for your RV and towing or 'toad' vehicle is essential but often costly. Specialized full-time RV insurance and standard auto insurance that covers towing are crucial for the RV lifestyle.

RV Loan Cost


If you finance an RV, monthly payments can be a substantial expense in your new lifestyle. Consider a smaller or used RV to lower costs.

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